Incidental Science Blog #8


This week at Science Snippets (in the library) we're teaching about two very different topics; Light and Asthma!

Our Light topic is in association with the Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights - we're going to be selling our spectacular Light Up Wires at the Street Party, Friday 24th June and online at our shop

Here is a quick video of me assembling and dancing with them :) 



Our Asthma topic is a very personal one for me, as my partner and step-daughter both suffer from it. They're not alone with 1/7 Kiwi kids and 1/9 Kiwi adults being diagnosed with Asthma. It's important that the biology, sources and triggers are learnt about from a young age but even more importantly, kids need to be given the information on how they can help a friend or adult having an asthma attack. 


The topic has so far been very successful, we've added a section where we create mucus (yellow slime) to add a bit more excitement - and as one of the three main issues for an asthmatic, too much mucus is a big deal when your airways are also swollen and muscle bands are tightening around them. 





All of the main treatments are explained, but also a focus is made on the things kids have control over, like keeping as calm as possible, getting an adult or ambulance as quickly as possible or fetching their inhaler. This knowledge can save lives.


Science Snippets is all about being informed, curious and using the information you learn with us, in the real world. Our kids will hopefully come out of our Lights and Asthma classes with the tools to help and educate others about Science. 



Asthma Resources:

Asthma Foundation NZ




Here's also another video I've made on how to make slime/mucus with your kids at home :)




Geni McCallum is the Marketing Manager and Community Educator for Science Alive! She lives in Christchurch with her partner, step-daughter and cat. 

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Science Alive!